What is Trackzia?

Trackzia is a personal tracking GPS device designed to track your loved ones. Its unique design makes it easier for the device to be attached to bags, clothes, dog collars, bicycles etc. so that you can conveniently keep a track of those who matter the most. Ideal for School going children, elderly people, patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s or any related illness, pets and even while transporting your valuable stuff.

No Internet or Wi-Fi required

Trackzia comes with an inbuilt e-SIM card which cannot be removed. Thus, no external connection is required. Now track without a worry in mind!

Ensure safety with Geo-fence

The geo-fence feature enables the user to define areal boundaries so that you can be alerted when your loved ones enter/exit predetermined zones with our In-OUT notifications and with a time parameter.

Real Time And History Tracking

Trackzia not only allows you to live track the locations of the carrier but also gives you access to the history of activities and enables you to generate daily reports.

SOS : Panic Button Alert

A key feature that Trackzia offers is its panic button which alerts you immediately with the location id the panic button is pressed for 3 seconds.

3D Motion Sensor

The 3D motion sensor allows the device to detect any motion and power on, or no motion for over 5 minutes and go to standby mode.This makes the device smart and battery efficient.

Compact Size

Trackzia is as small as the size of a car key making it one of the smallest and one of its kind personal trackers in the market.

Access through Mobile app

You can use all of our features with the help of our user friendly mobile app. The app is available for free to all Trackzia users and is available for android and iOS devices.

Secure Account

We ensure that your Trackzia account stays fully secure so that your data cannot be viewed or accessed by any third party.

Is Trackzia for you?

If you have loved ones that you are responsible for, if you’re a parent, if you have senior citizen in the house, if you are a pet owner or a caregiver, then YES! This device helps you track the activity of your loved ones and with multiple features ensures their safety! Be carefree and stay in touch on the go!

Child Tracking System

Kid Tracker

Let them play around freely!

Trackzia is the perfect device for families or caregivers with children. Introducing multiple features for the kiddo like activity tracker, location tracker and geo-fencing to ensure complete safety of the child at home, school or play. Personalize the features on the mobile application and be worry free. Read more about it below!

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pets tracking system

Pet Tracker

Unleash them without a worry

Trackzia helps you take care of your pet by constantly keeping a track of his or her activity. Trackzia also comes with features like Geo-Fencing and Play time tracking that make it one of the smartest tracking device created. Now, stay connected even when you’re on the go.

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gps senior tracker

Sr. Citizen Tracker

Now it’s your turn to keep them protected!

Some features of Trackzia have been exclusively designed for the care of the elderly. These features in Trackzia have proven to be highly useful for patients with serious medical conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Read further to find out what these features are!

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Explore Trackzia

  • gps tracker for child
    For their safety, and your peace of mind
  • kids activity tracker
    No more helicopter parenting!
  • child tracking device
    Get notified if he gets an Ouchie!

Trackzia: Our features for the children

They say that a good Mommy always knows where her kids are. With the help of our unique features, not only can you track your children, but also know if your child goes out of a given safe zone like school or the playground right from your phone. With advance 3D sensors, the GPS device promptly goes into standby mode when in one place and start again if the child starts to move, thus giving it a higher battery life.

Trackzia is also equipped with a smart geo-fencing feature which automatically alarms you if the child goes out of your given safe area.
These safe areas or safe zones can be customized as per your need (For example: The school, the playground, or a certain radial distance around your house).

Another distinctive feature of Trackzia is its SOS/Panic button that allows the child carrying the device to call for help in certain dangerous or unfavorable circumstances.

The device easily connects to our mobile application on your phone so that you can keep receiving alerts without having to constantly monitor or track your dear ones. The mobile application allows you to personalize what you can see.

Now, no more being a helicopter parent. Buy Trackzia today and say goodbye to all your worries.

Caring for the elderly

Trackzia introduces multiple features for the elderly so that you always know they’re safe. A lot of senior citizens opt to use personal GPS tracking devices in order to share their location with family members, especially, if they have certain medical conditions like heart diseases or diabetes ; or serious conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Such patients sometimes tend to wander off or forget where they are. This leads to them feeling disoriented and scared and may cause injuries or accidents.

Trackzia helps by detecting the exact location of the person and alerts you if they go beyond a certain area owing to its smart Geo-Fencing feature. This geo-fence can be set for multiple locations.

In today’s day and age, seniors desire freedom just as much as teenagers do. Keeping in mind the safety of the elderly, Trackzia has multiple features to not only ensure the safety of our elderly, but also to give them the freedom to be on their own without a worry.

Real time trackers enable you to ensure the safety of the elderly by showing you the exact location of the person carrying or wearing it. With features like SOS: Panic Button Alert, Motion/fall sensor and geo fencing , the elderly can feel free to go out on their own.

Now you’ll always know where Grandma and Grandpa are!

  • senior citizen tracker
    Now, give them freedom to be on their own
  • gps tracking for seniors
    Multiple features for the elderly
  • gps tracking bracelet for elder
    A smarter way to show your love ♥
  • gps pets tracker
    Always stay in touch
  • Pet Tracker to Track your pet
    Man’s best friend, now protected
  • Pet Tracker App to view your pet Status
    No more worries about your Furry friend

Because they are family!

If you’re a pet parent, you know you love your fur baby as a family member. Dogs or cats can sometimes wander off or forget their way back home on a new path or if they enter a new territory. This not only causes distress to you but also scares your little fur baby and can make him or her feel confused and scared.

Trackzia keeps a track of where your pet is and also alerts you if you’re pet starts to wander off a bit too far, thanks to its geo fencing feature.

Trackzia not only helps you keep a track of your pet, but also gives you additional features like play time tracker, walk tracker and sleep time tracking.

You can also easily generate daily reports to keep a track of the overall activity and health of your pet.

Trackzia is no larger than a pet name tag and is a perfect accessory for your pet’s collar or body harness. Its light weight body and sleek design prevents the device from causing any discomfort to your pet. Trackzia also has an efficient battery so you need not worry about charging it every day.

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Plans Built For Every One

Get best Trackzia plan for your requirment.

Trackzia Pricing For


Kid Trackzia

  • ₹ 4,990 per device

  • Price : ₹ 4,990
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • SIM Card Rental: 1 year FREE
  • Mobile App Life Time Free

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Trackzia Pricing For


Pet Trackzia

  • ₹ 4,990 per device

  • Price : ₹ 4,990
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • SIM Card Rental: 1 year FREE
  • Mobile App Life Time Free

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Trackzia Pricing For


Sr. Citizen Trackzia

  • ₹ 4,990 per device

  • Price : ₹ 4,990
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • SIM Card Rental: 1 year FREE
  • Mobile App Life Time Free

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Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What are the dimensions of this device?

The Trackzia device is very compact in size with dimensions of 4.5cm X 5.1cm .

How much is the battery backup?

The device comes with a battery of 840Mah which lasts for about 3 days. It ca easily be recharged with the help of a micro USB charger.

Will the device break if it falls down?

The device is made with strong ABS material which is very sturdy and does not break easily. It is designed keeping in mind that the device will be used by children and pets.

Can the settings be changed from time to time?

Yes. You can completely personalize as per your needs. Check out the different features like Geo fencing and timed location and explore more on the app

Does the device require internet connection?

The device works on GPS hence does not require any internet connection. However, your phone has to be connected to the internet in order to run the app. Incase your phone does not have internet connectivity at that time, you will keep getting SMS alerts which you can set up.

How should I Install the app? What functions does the app have?

Installing and using the app is very simple. Your device comes with s special QR code for you to download the app and install it. Once you have logged in, you can personalize your parameters. For more information, please read the instruction Manuel. You can also download the manual here (Link to download the pdf)